FUE hair Transplant at Hair Max Transplant Centre:

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) technique hair transplant at our centre in Ludhiana is done by extreme care by following internationally recommended standards and processes. We have team which has experience of more than 8 years and doing 3500+ hair transplants for the people across India as well as from foreign countries.

Benefits of FUE with us
• No Scalpel incision = No Linear Scar
• No Pain
• No Stitches - Donor area appears mostly unchanged
• Faster Recovery time - Little or no downtime (most patients return to work the next day)
• State of the art minimally invasive hair restoration technique

Before calling client for the procedure we advise certain measures to be taken and preparation to be done one day before the surgery. On the day of procedure, after completing the formalities we start our preparation for the surgery. We trim the hair at the donor area and at the recipient area of head if small area is to be treated else we trim the entire hair of the head to make adequate source of hair/graft to be available for implanting at baldness site of head. Then we give local anesthesia at the recipient site as well as donor site to make the surgery painless. Not while extraction nor while implantation client feels any pain or discomfort of any kind after this.

Now our team starts working for the harvesting of grafts from the donor site. With the help of special instruments designed for extraction on individual grafts a small circular incision in the skin surrounding a graft is made with care of certain depth and enough tissue area around the graft. Then we extract the graft and keep it safe. This process is repeated till the enough number of grafts as per plan is attained.Depending on number of grafts required to cover the area under the baldness time consumed in this extraction may vary from one hour to more.

If required, this process of graft harvesting may be repeated again for new grafts next day for large session. During the process we make client to comfortably be at different posture to make our harvesting process accurate.

(This technique of harvesting grafts/follicular unit one-by-one from the donor area separates it from a traditional FUT (strip technique), where the donor grafts are harvested by removing a thin strip and then each graft are separated from the strip using stereo-microscope by dissection from strip. Then the donor site from where the strip have been removed is stitched back, on healing it leaves a scar)

Now when grafts are harvested, we start preparation of recipient site by use of specially designed instruments. Tiny pore like openings are made in skin using fine needle-point instrument. Then the follicular units/ grafts are places into these tiny pore made at recipient site ensuring a certain depth of its insertion so that it set properly and start growing after completing the cycle or settling at new place.
Client can go by evening or can stay to get second sitting next day if suggested during the consultation. The donor site, completely heal over the course of seven to ten days, leaving tiny dots buried in the nearby hair in the back and sides of the scalp. There are some post procedure instructions which one has to follow for a time of month, which is explained at the time of surgery.

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